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Electryone Microgrid is proud to offer the first-to-market digital Credit platform to fully automate the registration, verification, certification, and monetization of carbon credits.

The Sustainable, Scalable MicroGrid, Energy Alternative

The Industrial Scale Green Energy Technology to Power.

World’s Energy Needs

Our innovative Smart Energy Management System monitors the Electryone Drive to assure the internal genset meets demands.

Allow the highest power delivery at the lowest cost for maximum efficiency at any given time of the day per kWh.

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The Microgrid Industry Real-time Carbon Reduction Power Source:

Let's Reduce your Energy Cost!

We offer a system that is best for the client with a multitude of technology, and not just one option. With our smart management system to manage and deliver the best energy source, we can keep customer’s out of peak demand charges, provide redundancy, and guarantee cost savings versus their current spends.

microgrids five components:

  1. Electryone is the Primary Onsite Power generation, creating Carbon Credit as an earnings benefit.
  2. Monitoring and Controls utilizes Supplementary Backup Charging from:
  3. Using the Electric Grid at off-peak as a charging output
  4. Solar Array
  5. Power Storage

Guarantee minimum 20% Saving

The complete system becomes our clients new power source and provides a lease program in place of their current power bill. Our incentives are mutually aligned, and the customer’s risk is mitigated through the fixed lease payment that guarantees a minimum of 20%.

Why Momentum?

Best Quality

Electryone Microgrid stats offer Today's best-class Green Energy with Carbon Reducing and several value-added cost-saving integrated technologies, making it the Primer Power source of choice.

Always on time

Real-Time Predictability: The Automated Monitoring System provides 24/7 notification of energy supply metering for a proactive response, allowing remote adjustments and fixes to be accomplished offsite and onsite.

A Season Microgrid Team

The Manufacture Technical Support Team members are instructors, software engineers, and developers of the Electryone fully automated monitoring and control system design.

Companies Joining the Carbon reduction Team.

How we Plan on Develivering

With Sub-Partners and Support Contractors, we offer alternative power sources and carbon credit services to increase awareness and introduce ways and the means for individuals to participate.

Check out the list below:

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

American Carbon Registry (ACR)

The Climate Registry (TCR)

Global Carbon Project (GCP)

Verified Carbon Standard (Verra VCS)

Carbon Trust (CT)

Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC)

American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)

Our Services

Our primary market for Electryone Microgrid are hospitals and critical infrastructure. In addition, demonstrating the benefits of Electryone offers, which include integrated intelligence automated as a competitive solution to energy supplies and a carbon credit added value.

The Customers are guaranteed a 20% minimum monthly power cost savings and a monthly fixed cost.

Microgrid Green Power
Utility Bill Overcharges
Building Climate Controls
Reducing Heating Cost
Energy Reduction Saving

Microgrid Green Power Source

Automated Carbon Credit Platform

Automated Carbon Credit Platform Electryone Advisors monumental achievement of delivering the first viable sustainable energy solution for industrial scale applications. All system components are developed by industry leaders in the production, delivery, and management of electrical power. Excellent footprint 16x36 ft

Let's Find Utility Bill Overcharges.

How We Work With You

During our initial Utility Bill Auditing we learn about your business and discuss how our auditing experience has helped similar companies. If the audit makes sense, we will move forward with a Consulting Service Agreement and Letter of Authorization. We also require one month of utility bills, and then the process of finding your savings and refunds begins!.

Building Climate Heating and Cooling

Technology Overview

We are offering combustion-free heat pumps increase heating and cooling efficiency by capturing and reusing thermal energy, ultimately reducing global warming potential (GWP) through the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as the refrigerant. This advance climate technology helps support the global initiative of transitioning to Net Zero through renewable and sustainable energy technology and innovation, minimizing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency.

Reduce Your Heating Cost

Modern Absorption Chillers

Absorption chiller no matter what the brand, type, age or size of the facility including Chiller Startup, Field Assembly, Commissioning, PM Service, Premium Package Service, Warranty, Troubleshooting & Repair, Tube Cleaning, HVAC Installation, Building Automation and Mechanical Room Renovation. We do all of this while providing complete customer satisfaction, total system responsibility, improve comfort, safety, performance and energy efficiency throughout the life cycle of your assets.

Energy Reduction

Make Your Energy Work For You

Energy Reduction and Efficiency featuring "On Bill Supplier Funding" Energy Management. The Energy Management services will reduce your energy consumption through building upgrades and ongoing energy monitoring services, without using any upfront capital or loans. We specialize in energy efficiency retrofit projects, Building Automation Systems, and ongoing retro-commissioning. We reduce your energy expenses, reduce your carbon output and save you energy.

Our latest work

Case studies

We are proud of our work with Sub-Partners. Developing innovated WebApps and Marijuana Products and Carbon Credit Reduction Technologies:

Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

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Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

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Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

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Each element can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly. All the features you need are just one click away.

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