Digital Conversion Coin and Token

CDEP Announcement

Converting Crypto to Certified Trading Securities

The digital Asset becomes a certificate holding crypto blocks, as tradable security, exchanabcryptocurrency to funding resources, collateralizing Notes, and fueling transactions, as validated transactions.

Digital Assets Create Market Value.

Issuance of Tradable Certificates as Digital Assets

The business structure includes both blockchain miners and their customers who register coins or tokens as tradable digital assets. This framework facilitates market trading and provides a computational market value to stabilize these coins or tokens.

Scales with Coins and Tokens on one side and people on the other, the concept of ideas and innovation, where digital values are captured differently with equal value illustration.

Regulatory Validation Requirements:

  1. Account Registration: Blockchain miners must hold an account registration, and their customers must register minted assets for trading within the CDEP open market.
  2. Compliance with Guidelines: Registrants must accept the registration guidelines as amended with exemptions.
  3. Reporting Obligations: Miners and customers must submit reports in accordance with material disclosure policies, including term and reporting requirements.
  4. Transfer Agent Registration: Registrants must be registered with a transfer agent and open accounts with registered brokers on the CDEP network once the digital asset is available for trading.

By adhering to these requirements, participants ensure regulatory compliance and contribute to the stability and legitimacy of the digital asset market.

Securitized Token

The Restriction

The Transfer Agent and Broker will ensure that SEC Rule 144 before Trading, and all transactions require legal opinions to remove restrictions.

Requires a Transfer Agent

A company must use register with a Transfer Agent.Before Trading, a background clearinghouse is conducted by a Global Business Registration Clearance Data (GBRCD) Vented lawyers.

Broker also clearance the Cert.

The broker has required an additional Legal review before approval to trade before the Transfer Agent will Transmit the certificate to Broker for Trading and Broker will sell your Crypto stock.

Building Business Partnerships (BBP)

Trade Market Analytics

Utilizing Trading Market Analytics cycles and disparities data offer the best use case for capturing customer enrollment projections.

The Following Graphic Chart Research Data is Provided by: Credit to : CoinMarketCap, All Rigths Reserved

Bitcoin is 50% of the trading

The Lower Teir is CDEP Targted customers base including Bitcoin Clone.

Enabling digital-native payments & storing of value

Sub-Partners Minting operations

The BBP Minning partners are supporting the expansion of trading crypto as Certificates using institutional traders, or officials can easily convert Government fiat/digital currency within CDEP to trade Broker managed trading boards Crypto Certs and transfer are Bank to bank convert Digital fiat currency at any time on CDEP secured Enteprise network.

Sending & receiving on-chain

Global businesses can use CDEP for instant payouts to vendors and suppliers, and direct deposit payroll for employees. (remittance companies, eCommerce marketplaces, game studios, DAOs and others).

Investing, borrowing & lending

CDEP is integral to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a new set of code-based financial markets that eliminates intermediaries and matches buyers, sellers, borrowers and lenders via smart contracts, for secure transfers.

Secured as Transfer Exchange

  • The Certificate market value is exchangeable for Nationalized Digital Currencies.

  • Get excellent crypto returns without the risk and trouble of classical deposits.

  • A securitized Crypto have fixed-rate for investment built on Certificate history as fully secured Crypto Coins and Tokens as collateral to provide options to stabilize resources and maintain growth securely.