eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP)

eCETP is a Donation & Contribution WebApp developed as a Cryptographic exchange Platfrom


Three Constitutes Donators:

A Donation & Contribution platform that provides rewards and benefits, tailored for non-profit organizations, state and county governments, and their associates.

1. The Charitable Non-Personable:

An individual who recognizes the vital role of non-profits within as a community-level services. The Charitable donor my donate as a means to give back for others or witness the positive impact they've made. After Giving by receive regular updates and news about how their donations help different causes are received weekly.

2. Cause-Based Contributor

Their donations represent an integral part of their cultural identity, closely linked to the success of a non-profit organization. They seek personalized communication, active involvement, and anticipate receiving news, updates, proposals regarding significant donation campaigns, and networking opportunities.

3. The Elite donators

The donors fall into three groups: those leaving a legacy, corporate donors seeking marketing opportunities, and foundation donors maintaining tax-free status. The Elite donors expect concise communication, regular updates, royal consideration, and proof of performance.

constituents are citizens financially able to commit to funding budgetary requirements.


How funding Works:

The eCETP service supports fundraising efforts, helping address working capital shortages for various budgets and innovative projects. Our aim is to provide a dependable funding source for ongoing budget needs, potentially serving as an alternative revenue stream.

Recognizing the influence of incentives on donations within ecosystems, eCETP facilitates collaboration between donation campaign Sponsors and Donors. Through this platform, both parties can invest in programs and projects. Donors can trade cash rewards for campaign donations.

Using Blockchain technology, eCETP creates repeatable donation deposit account receipts. Our “Buy-1-Get 2 Rewards” package allows Donors to exchange rewards for cash earnings or opt to withdraw or contribute again.

Learn More about eCETP

eCETP under reconstruction. The Videos represent the donation process:


The Primary Purpose for ECEPT

As a Major Component of BBP, when teaming with Fortune 2500 (T2500) companies participating in the RRP we offer deployment of eCETP for T2500 utilization for Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) provides IJJ Corporation Global visibility within our market shares.

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