Hartsville Hemp Products and Cannabis Extraction Operation

New Sub-Partner to Subsidiary

Hartville Hemp Products (HHP) LLC is now a Sub-Partner scheduled to become a subsidiary. Now, with HHP joining the IJJCorp team, the Carbon Credit market opens up a new market and includes Hemp cultivation, Cannabis license, their specialized products, existing distribution orders, and high-tech indoors growing to complete packaging for retail customers.

Hartville Hemp is a licensed Cannabis company facility that produces various cannabis hemp products for retail, wholesale, and distribution Nationwide.

The development of premium genetics for the global hemp industry and to deliver the finest products and support services available.

Our vertically integrated, B2B approach combines the unique hybrid technology of Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) with leading-edge hydroponics and advanced breeding techniques to establish a new standard in the hemp industry. The results are safe, OMRI-compliant seeds and biomass for the industrial market and a line of ultra-premium CBD/CBG hemp-derived products.

The nationwide Popular CaGar Cigars

  • Products packed with trichomes & delicious terpene profiles, our plants are cultivated under the healthiest conditions in a proprietary system at our controlled environment farm in Hartville, OH.
  • High in CBD & CBG and completely THC compliant, our product line-up appeals to a wide range of customers.
  • We invite you See, Smell and Savor the Flavor of American Gold, Green & Mellow and all of our ultra-premium hemp creations.

Our Market Advantage

Carbon Credit Exchange Platform (CCEP):

  • At CCEP, our mission is to simplify the process of buying and selling carbon credits, essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.
  • What sets CCEP apart is our dedicated field-level business development team armed with patented solutions that elevate our service above traditional carbon credit exchanges. With deep expertise and accreditations in environmental sustainability, we actively engage stakeholders, cultivate partnerships, and incentivize participation through exchange credits on our platform.

Carbon Credit Tokenization:

  • Our Carbon Credit Tokenization and Exchange Services Platform offers familiar services but with a unique twist. We provide swift carbon credit registration, lucrative bid-and-sell opportunities, and incentivized exchanges with rewards.

Market Position:

  • In today’s competitive market, securing a prominent position requires innovative approaches. Our integrated point-of-sale device ensures immediate confirmation of carbon credits, setting us apart from the competition. Additionally, our complimentary CCEP accounts activate upon verification of option cash availability by the deposit record keeper.

The Market Advantage:

  • Our primary customer base includes farmers utilizing our patented soil tester to effortlessly generate certified carbon credits. Individuals can also participate in carbon offsetting by recycling plastic at certified CCEP locations.
  • Our approach provides on premise Online buyers eagerly await notifications to bid on carbon credits, and transactions occur instantly upon credit issuance, eliminating wait times. This streamlined process ensures efficiency and profitability for all parties involved.