Revitalized Renaissance Program


  • At IJJ Corporation: We are committed to our Social Responsibility Commitment (SRC) through our Revitalize Renaissance Program (RRP).

  • Our goal: To contribute to restoring the nation's position as a primary producer and exporter, reducing import reliance, and fostering technological advancement.

  • To achieve our Objective:, To participate on establishing vocational and professional training programs sponsored by top 2500 companies to address industry demand. Additionally, we will overhaul existing industrial models emphasizing domestic production of electronic and mechanical components essential becoming a global producer.

  • Furthermore: We will implement vocational and professional training initiatives, supported by the leading 2500 companies in the USA, to seamlessly integrate graduates into their respective workforces.

  • Through the RRP:, Raise Working Capital and donations to rejuvenate USA Industries into mass production hubs, positioning America as a premier exporter.

The Six areas representing the RRP initiative as an Economic Impact initiative.

Implementing BBP relationship with the Top 2500 (T2500) companies with Social Responsibility Commitments to partner with IJJ Corp to participate in Economic Impact Initiatives (EII).

We are steadfast in our commitment to restoring America's prominence as a primary producer and exporter, reducing reliance on imports, and fostering technological advancement.

The QOF Investment Program: Taxpayers who invest in the Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund program utilize the 2017 tax cut to fund economic impact objectives.

The (JOBS) Act: Leveraging the JOB Act of 2017 and designated Opportunity Zones (O.Z.) to establish vocational training and professional centers nationwide.

The American Jobs Act: Acquiring closed malls and manufacturing facilities to create training and production s and distribution center across the USA.

The aim with vocational and professional training programs sponsored by T2500 to effectively hire certified personnel from their training programs.