1. The legality of the Hemp Plant is under review as of May 20, 2024.
  2. The equity line of credit is awaiting the term sheet, with anticipated execution within 30 days.
  3. Specification changes include first developing a Secured Multipurpose Enterprise Exchange Platform (SEEP). The projected app development is scheduled for November Q1 2024, with a planned launch in Q4 2025.
  4. SEEP will include it first two modules, i1.) the Commission Depository Exchange Platform (CDEP) and t2.) The Carbon Credit Exchange Platform (HCCP) for HHP is scheduled for app development in Q1 2025 for integration within SEEP.
  5. Updates will continue to roll out bi-monthly starting in Q3 2024 in the OTC Market Disclosure and Financial Reports by June 14, 2024.

CDEP Business Objectives:


Capture Goal Blockchain Miner Companies as Partners.


Enrollment goal of Coins and tokens trading companies.


platforms Registered within CDEP.

3rd Qtr. - 2024 Revised date: Funding Schedule late April 2024.

Submitting consolidated Audited Financial

Submitted Edgar Reports to Establish Fully Reporting.

We expect to file with the SEC in June 2024, no later than 45 days after our credit line is approved.

3rd. Qtr. - 2024 The merge will follow SEC and FIRMA merger criteria by mid- May.

Finalizing Merger with Cannabis Hemp Extraction Plant.

The merger includes a expansion of Plant from 10,000 sq. ft. to 20,000. The expansion plan is based on increase in orders for specialize products.

1st Qtr.- January 2025 (date Change).

Merging with OTCIQ

After securing the line of credit, our aim is to merge into OTCQB, positioning ourselves as market successors. We adhere to SEC and FIRNA provisions for a smooth transition. Our primary focus? Establishing residual revenues before or during the shift to OTCQB, ensuring a strong foundation for future growth and financial stability. Join us on the path to success!

4th Qtr. 2024 - EBA is a long-term project over 13-16 month period.

Deployment of Essential Business Application

EBA stands for WebApps that offer real-time administrative dashboard status and business processing as a service. They also include a variety of software as a service revenue generators.

This allows companies to become independent from the conventional financial system and concentrate on self-financing as a FINTECH.

1st. Qtr.- Q2 2025 The processing period is 4 to 6 months.

Submission Of Federal Supply Schedule

The FSS is a US General Service Administration (GSA Schedule), which means a company can pre-negotiate the prices of services and products as price schedule. The focus will be on Information Technologies (IT) and Payment System processing services, including Securitized Certificated Cryptocurrencies and Carbon Credit platform services.

3rd. Qtr. 2024 and Beyond (date Change).

Future upgrades

After securing the line of credit, we will share regular updates that will give our shareholders the necessary information to track the progress of IJJ Corporation team.

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